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Testimonial From Natalie

  “I was shocked and surprised when I got my TOEFL iBT Test results since they were too good to be true. Many thanks to all the great teachers who helped me successfully pass the exam and gave me much useful advice.” – Natalie  

Cristina – “I have finally achieved the TOEFL® scores for my medical exams”

“I have finally managed to get the required TOEFL iBT scores for my medical exams. I took the TOEFL test five times before and I couldn’t get over 24 on the Speaking section. After attending your excellent TOEFL iBT speaking course, I have finally gotten 26 on the Speaking section. I have understood very clearly …

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Admission Requirements

In order to ensure that students have the required language competencies to achieve program outcomes, an assessment test will be administered prior to admission. A student who wishes to enrol in the TOEFL Test Preparation program will take an assessment test in the form of a released TOEFL test administered by FELC, referred to as …

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TOEFL® iBT Listening Classes – Our Approach

Our listening classes combine practice in answering questions both about conversations and about lectures, and skill-building in answering a wide variety of question types. Through guided practice, students learn strategies that enable them to quickly identify the correct answers to the following listening comprehension question types: ♦ gist-content questions ♦ gist-purpose questions ♦ detail questions …

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TOEFL® iBT Reading Classes

Our TOEFL iBT programs are structured around the format of the TOEFL iBT reading tasks. We use a variety of materials, including passages of superior quality developed in-house.  We focus on expanding students’ background knowledge so that they are familiar and comfortable with a wide range of topics, including the Sciences, Social Sciences, Business and …

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TOEFL ibt Speaking Classes

Classes are structured around the format of the TOEFL iBT speaking section. Many of the practice tasks are designed by our instructors. Templates for answering questions are provided to beginner students who are becoming familiar with the speaking section's tasks. An extensive list of useful vocabulary is provided for each task. Beginners focus on creating a …

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