TOEFL iBT Speaking Classes – Our Approach

Speaking can be one of the most difficult parts of the TOEFL iBT test for ESL students. Our approach to Toefl ibt Speaking is unique in the sense that students learn to answer Questions 1 through 6 in a test-like environment. They are taught to give concise, complex and complete answers in less than a minute. For Questions 1 and 2 (Independent Tasks) students learn and practice how to express a personal choice and support it with details. For Questions 3 and 4, which require students to integrate reading, listening and speaking skills, students learn how to effectively summarize the information given in the reading and listening passage, and provide a concise and well-organized response. For Questions 5 and 6, which require students to integrate listening and speaking skills, students learn how to summarize the information from the listening passage and express an opinion about a problem (Question 5) or establish a relationship between a newly introduced concept/ term and examples to illustrate that concept/ term (Question 6).

Our speaking classes are a friendly mix of outgoing students who aren’t afraid to speak and shyer students who still lack a bit confidence in their English. However, after a bit of time at Franklin, even shy students are eager to speak up and communicate in English.

Andrea has been with us teaching the TOEFL iBT speaking class since 2007, and she is loved by all her students. Click  here  to read more about this outstanding instructor.