TOEFL® Test Preparation Course Outline

This course is designed to prepare students to achieve success on the TOEFL exam through instruction and guided practice. Upon completion of this program the successful student will be able to reach his or her TOEFL score goals by having developed language skills useful to taking a language test as well as by having become familiar with the expectations, format and content of the TOEFL exam.


  • The course consists of 310 instructional hours (25 hours/week over the course of 13 weeks)
  • Students learn through lectures, instructor-led discussions, as well as individual, pair, and group work
  • Students will be provided with all necessary material, including books and software
  • Students will receive written feedback from the course instructor through an evaluation of a weekly coursework portfolio in Weeks 1-12
  • Students will take a Test Preparation Assessment Test in Week 13. Students who earn a minimum score of 80 will receive a Certificate of Completion

Students will learn through a variety of activities and practice exercises that will help them prepare for the four sections of the test: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. They will familiarize themselves with the different kinds of questions that appear in each section of the test and, through guided practice, they will become skilled at answering all question types. They will also practice grammar structures, vocabulary and functional language relevant to each section.


1ListeningConversationsStudent-Instructor Interactions (Academic)
LecturesTopics in Biology, Chemistry & Physics
QuestionsQuestion Types; Approaches to Taking Notes
ReadingVocabularyTopic Vocabulary & Roots
PassagesTopics in Biology, Chemistry & Physics
QuestionsFactual & Negative Factual Information Questions
WritingTask 1Scoring rubric and scored essays; taking notes on integrated passages; organizing a summary
Task 2Scoring rubric and scored essays; analyzing a question, brainstorming ideas, developing a position and organizing paragraphs
SkillsPlanning and proofreading
SpeakingQuestion Type 1Developing a response on a familiar topic
SkillsElaborating, describing and providing details
2ListeningConversationsStudent-Instructor Interactions (Personal)
LecturesTopics in Astronomy, Geology & Climatology
QuestionsGist-Content Questions
ReadingVocabularyTopic Vocabulary & Roots
PassagesTopics in Astronomy, Geology & Climatology
QuestionsInference Questions
WritingTask 1Lectures making general counterpoints
Task 2Personal Characteristics & Behavior Topics
SkillsGrammar and vocabulary
SpeakingQuestion Type 2Developing a response on familiar issues
SkillsExpressing and supporting a preference