We Create

A Clear Pathway

to Top Universities.

Core Features of Our Programs

FELC provides a tailored path for you to reach your academic goals. It doesn’t matter if you are almost ready to begin your university studies, or if you need to improve your English first – our flexible programs let you start moving forward. And with our smaller class sizes, you’ll get plenty of individual attention from our qualified, experienced teachers.

Tailored Path to Top North American Universities

Application Anytime and Length of Enrollment Flexible

Smaller Class Size Encouraging Participation

Focusing on Academic English Upgrading

Boosting Learning through Modern Technologies

Simplifying Learning through Key Modules

Franklin Smart English E-class (FSEE) makes learning English much easier now.

Four essential modules make the process of teaching and learning intelligent and individualised.

Golden Rules

Franklin’s Golden Rules of Grammar represent your basic building blocks for shaping spoken and written communication effectively.

Word Formation

Knowledge of prefixes, roots and suffixes derived from Greek and Latin will be an invaluable tool in your acquisition of English words.

Killer   Words

Killer Word Clusters are powerful in the conquest of the English Language. These advanced words enable you to confidently write essays.

Sample Essays

We provide a wealth of sample essays for students of all levels to study and emulate so that they can gain insight into the writing process.

Our Missions and Qualifications

The mission of Franklin English Language College is to help promising students create a clear path to opportunities for higher education in English at the world’s top universities. We are focused on enhancing the overall English language proficiency of students from around the world to foster wider academic achievement and career success.



Welcome to Franklin English Language College

Dear Prospective Students,

Franklin English Language College (FELC) is a private post-secondary college registered with the Province of British Columbia, Canada in October 2003. It currently has campuses in Vancouver as well as Guangzhou in China. FELC has distinguished itself as a leading ESL school specializing in preparing students for language assessment tests such as  TOEFL iBT and IELTS. FELC is headquartered in picturesque Vancouver, BC, and by word of mouth, our reputation has been firmly established in Canada and in the Asian regions.

FELC does more than just teach students test strategies. We aim to help our students to lay a solid foundation for their further education at top institutions of higher learning in North America including the University of Toronto, the University of Waterloo, McGill University, the University of British Columbia, and Simon Fraser University. Since the foundation of our school, we have helped thousands of students achieve great scores in their English language assessment tests and successfully enter top universities. We believe that with our experienced teachers, advanced facilities and good reputation, FELC will continue its brilliant record in the future.


Frank Miao

Head of School


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