Testimonial from our IELTS student—Rose

“I studied at Franklin for 5 months as a part-time student before I had the confidence to take the IELTS test. Though it was a bit difficult at the beginning for me to keep up with the pace there, with the teachers’ assistance, it didn’t take me long to catch up. The teachers impressed me with their endless patience and skill at teaching English.

The school’s principal is such a kind and warm-hearted person that I felt so touched by her continuous encouragement. I couldn’t even believe that I was able to score a 7.0 in the Reading section and 6.5 in the Speaking, Listening and Writing section on my first try at the IELTS examination.


My improvement was tremendous. I believe that without Franklin, I would not have had this progress at all. Moreover, the most important part of learning at Franklin is that I have now mastered an efficient method of conquering the difficulties of studying English, not only in reading and listening, but also in speaking and writing, the two latter skills often seeming insurmountable to students.


All in all, I feel lucky to have chosen Franklin and never regret investing my time and tuition in its amazing and skillful teaching team and instruction system! Thank you, to all of my teachers, and thank you, Franklin!”


— Rose