Sabrina: “After studying under Michelle, I have become smarter and more motivated”


In her 11th grade, Sabrina decided to pursue her undergraduate study in the United States and started to prepare for the SAT. She needed to have an acceptable score before October but her preparation for the SAT had been fruitless.

Sabrina was very picky about her instructor; “when the instructor is good, she overperforms; when the instructor is not good, she underperforms,” her parents sighed. One time, her mother read a magazine article on Franklin’s SAT course, praising its excellent teaching quality and exceptional SAT star instructor Michelle, who has a Master’s degree in English Literature from UBC. It detailed how students received exceptional scores after taking Michelle’s class. Just like that, Sabrina began her study at Franklin.

On her first lecture, Sabrina was fascinated by Michelle’s teaching methods. After two lessons, she found herself increasingly drawn to Michelle’s teaching philosophy as a teacher and down-to-earth personality as a friend. “She has a very broad knowledge base and an impeccable reasoning ability. Not only will her teaching improve my English, but also my entire knowledge base,” Sabrina praised. In just 20 lectures, Sabrina scored 2040 on her SAT and received offers from New York University, and Queen’s University with a $40,000 scholarship. Her mother was proud of her daughter, and came to Franklin to show her gratitude to the instructor.

“After studying under Michelle, I become smarter and more motivated”, said Sabrina. She is deeply thankful for the supportive learning environment that Franklin provided, which helped her ace the SAT and secure a seat in the lecturing hall of her dream university.