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 William Wu struggled with ESL education until he found Franklin.

“Shortly after I arrived in Vancouver, I enrolled in an ESL class at a well known local school. I studied there for roughly half a year and went from Grade 3 to Grade 5. Each semester would cost me roughly $2000, for only 20+ hours of classroom instruction each week. What was taught was limited. Most of the class time was spent on informal discussion. After 6 months, the objective of for-profit ESL education was deeply impressed upon me.


Then, my friends recommended a private ESL school—Franklin English Language College. After 3 months of learning at Franklin, I can say with confidence that my English improved tremendously. Even though success is dependent on an individual’s hard work, a good school and capable teachers will greatly shorten the trip on the path to success.”

{xtypo_quote}I have been in Vancouver for a year, and in this one year, I have changed my perceptions of both public and private ESL schools.{/xtypo_quote}