Success Stories

An evaluation given after each course shows that our students are highly satisfied with their learning program and are pleased to recommend FELC.

Wendy – a beautiful girl from Hong Kong

“I had no previous experience with the TOEFL. I was at a loss when I needed to take the TOEFL to transfer to another school. There were so many TOEFL schools in Vancouver, but I didn’t know how to find one that could help me meet my target within the shortest time.

William – the essay writing expert

 William Wu struggled with ESL education until he found Franklin.

“Shortly after I arrived in Vancouver, I enrolled in an ESL class at a well known local school. I studied there for roughly half a year and went from Grade 3 to Grade 5. Each semester would cost me roughly $2000, for only 20+ hours of classroom instruction each week. What was taught was limited. Most of the class time was spent on informal discussion. After 6 months, the objective of for-profit ESL education was deeply impressed upon me.


Stella – the miracle maker

Stella Wu gained more than 20 points in 2 months. This is the story of a lively girl who got into the University of Toronto.

“Compared to students around me, my English was weak. I was also more playful and less diligent in my studies. My parents only hoped that I would make it to university! It was Mr. Frank Miao’s excellent teaching that made me reevaluate my life.”


Linda: realizing the American dream at FELC

Linda got high scores on both the TOEFL and the GMAT. She is presently a top MBA student at the University of Washington in the US.

Studying overseas was no longer only a dream after I came to FELC. I passed the TOEFL examination with excellence. After that, Mr. Miao helped me with my MBA application while I was preparing for the GMAT. The MBA program at the University of Washington in Seattle surely lives up to its reputation. Here, I have met the nicest people in North America.


Kevin: future star of the Ivy League

Kevin Yang has been making rapid improvement in English. He is presently studying at the prestigious St George’s.

“When I first came to Vancouver, my English was very poor. I felt bored after making little progress at school, having been there for a few months. Later, some friends recommended Franklin, and just as they said, I did not have to memorize vocabulary lists and sentence structures anymore. I only had to follow the program and make good use of the resources available at the school. My parents and friends noticed that my English improved and I have greatly expanded my general knowledge. I am studying at St George’s right now and every weekend, I still continue to come to Franklin to gain new knowledge and be inspired towards my next goal in life!”


YiYi: experiencing the joy of learning

The very lovely YiYi is talented in Music and Dance. She is enjoying rapid improvement in her learning.

After attending two classes on word-building, vocabulary words suddenly became decipherable and orderly. When I encountered words, I could understand and remember them easily. The instructor proved the rules of word building by guiding us through various TOEFL reading passages. I found that reading, writing, and watching movies became easy and I gradually came to experience the joy of learning. I had just wanted to improve my English when I first came to FELC. Now, everyone is encouraging me to try the TOEFL iBT.