Eileen – from top university to top university

 Eileen  has a BA in Archaeology from Peking University. She is presently pursuing a Graduate degree. 

“I came upon a post on an internet bulletin board and decided to come and sit in on a class at Franklin. It was Mr. Miao’s Reading class that day. He did not just break the reading article down into word structures, but also provided words with similar meanings and instructions on appropriate sentence structures. I learnt a lot and realized that everything was interconnected.

Afterwards, I sat in the Speaking class taught by a native English speaker. I decided to enroll in this college after seeing that the Speaking class was taught according to the structure of the TOEFL. Having been at Franklin for more than a month, I can see that the college would place each student into an appropriate class and level of learning, so all students would make great strides in their academic learning. The atmosphere is relatively relaxed. Aside from the set classes of the day, students are free to utilize various resources available at the college.”

{xtypo_quote}Mr. Miao’s teaching of Reading includes word and sentence structures, as well as Writing. Everything is interconnected…{/xtypo_quote}