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FELC Grade Appeal Policy

The process by which a student may appeal a grade received in a course at Franklin English Language College is as follows: Procedure for Grade Appeal: If a student is dissatisfied with a grade received and can provide evidence that a higher grade is warranted he/she should discuss with his/her […]

Our Mission

The mission of Franklin English Language College is to help promising students create a clear path to opportunities for higher education in English at the world’s top universities. We are focused on enhancing the overall English language proficiency of students from around the world to foster wider academic achievement and […]

FELC Student Code of Conduct

Students are expected to meet and adhere to the Code of Conduct set out in this policy while completing a program of study at Franklin English Language College (FELC).  If necessary, students should request clarification from the On-site Administrator.  “Student” means a person who is presently enrolled at FELC, including […]

FELC Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal Policy If a student decides to withdraw from a program, he/she must provide a dated, written notice of withdrawal to the On-site Administrator. Refunds are calculated according to the Refund Policy of Franklin English Language College (FELC) and the date on which the written notice of withdrawal is received […]

FELC Dismissal Policy

A student will become subject to dismissal under any of the following circumstances. Violation of FELC’s Attendance Policy Engaging in behavior reasonably deemed dangerous, abusive, disruptive or otherwise improper by FELC on school premises or in homestay accommodations, or soliciting or assisting another person to behave in such a way […]

FELC Attendance Policy

Students must make every effort to attend all classes and arrive to classes on time. When this is not possible, students must notify the school of absences as soon as possible. Students who violate the Attendance Policy may be subject to dismissal in accordance with the Dismissal Policy. Attendance Policy […]

FELC Privacy Policy

A private institution such as Franklin English Language College (FELC) must act within the law. As such, FELC will seek to ensure that its employees and students are aware of the terms of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. FELC takes all reasonable steps to ensure that […]

FELC Safety Policy

Franklin English Language College (FELC) is committed to providing a safe environment for students and employees. All employees must understand their role in maintaining this environment.   Responsibilities of On-site Administrator   At all times be conscientious of the safety and wellbeing of staff and students, keeping in mind the […]

FELC Refund Policy

1) A student may be entitled to a refund of tuition fees in the event that: (a) The student provides written notice to the institution that he or she is withdrawing from the program; or (b) The institution provides written notice to the student advising that the student has been […]