Irene – “My time at Franklin was incredibly rewarding”

“My time at Franklin was an incredibly rewarding experience; whether it be the one-on-one writing sessions or the speaking mock tests, they gave me everything that I needed for acing IELTS.”


Irene Zeng is a high school student of Guangzhou Tieyi Middle School. She is in Franklin’s “Saturday Elite Class.” After 360 hours of course time, she scored 7.0 on IELTS.

Even with heavy workload at school, Irene has never missed a single class at Franklin. She plays the guitar, so she would often bring her guitar to Franklin and play a couple of tunes during breaks.

Before she took IETLS, the teaching staff arranged ten classes that consisted of one-on-one writing training and speaking mock tests. With the help of instructors and Irene’s perseverance, she scored 7.0 on her first attempt at IELTS, which paved the way for her future university applications.