Steven – “I have learned more than English at Franklin”

“Not only has Franklin English Language College taught me English, but also valuable life lessons. Today, I still remain close friends with many instructors whom I met during my time there. They taught me to always stay hungry and curious, and not be content with where I am.”


            Steven is a student of Guangzhou Nanwu Middle School. After Grade 11, he decided to opt out of the National College Entrance Exam and come to study English at Franklin in preparation for his application to North American universities.

            Six months of study laid a solid foundation for Steven’s English. His listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills all improved considerably. On his first IELTS test, Steven obtained an overall score of 6.5 (6 on Listening, 6 on Speaking, 7 on Reading, and 6.5 on Writing).

            Steven is not satisfied. He is having another try at IELTS this week and hoping to score a 7. Meanwhile, Steven is preparing his applications to top Canadian universities. Franklin sincerely wishes that Steven can be admitted to the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia and SFU.