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How do classes at Franklin ensure I meet my goals?

PROGRAMS DESIGNED FOR REAL-WORLD RESULTS Curriculum at Franklin is based on preparing students for real-world English Language goals. All courses provide instruction in all four language competencies: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Test preparation classes base knowledge and skill acquisition around real practice tests. STAY ON TRACK WITH CONTINUOUS FEEDBACK […]

Speaking Classes

The aim of the speaking class is to get students talking about everyday topics and to introduce essential thematic vocabulary which will enable them to effectively communicate in real-world contexts. After being introduced new vocabulary items, students will be prompted to answer questions relating to specific topics. With our teachers’ […]

Writing Classes

The writing class teaches students how to produce writing that is organized, coherent, and purposeful. Initially students will learn how to form paragraphs of varying lengths, and then they will progress to composing essays and other longer pieces of writing. Our classes combine the following four elements that are key […]

Essential Words Classes

Franklin English Language College offers students vocabulary classes that focus on the acquisition of essential English words. The 123 Killer Word Clusters are your number-one weapon in the conquest of the English Language. Equipped with these advanced words, you will be able to confidently write essays in English and to […]

Grammar Classes

Grammar is the backbone of the English language and students must learn grammar rules so that they can create grammatically correct sentences and communicate effectively. Our beginner grammar course is divided into units that focus on the parts of speech of the English language. Each unit consists of the basic […]