TOEFL® iBT Reading Classes – Our Approach

Our reading classes combine practice and skill-building, and offer great depth in vocabulary building. Through guided practice, students learn strategies that enable them to quickly identify the correct answers to the following reading comprehension question types:

♦ factual information questions

♦ negative factual information questions

♦ inference questions

♦ rhetorical purpose questions

♦ vocabulary questions

♦ reference questions

♦ sentence simplification questions

♦ insert text questions

♦ summary questions

♦ table completion questions

Students learn how to use the information provided in the reading passage to answer the questions, and how to identify key words in the questions to locate the correct answers in the reading passage.

Our reading classes are an excellent opportunity to encounter new vocabulary in context. By narrowing down the words to their roots, and simultaneously opening up the concepts into clusters of synonyms, students have a deeper understanding of what they are reading. We also focus on expanding students’ background knowledge so that they are familiar and comfortable with a wide range of topics that are common in the TOEFL iBT Reading Section, including the Sciences, Social Sciences, Business, and the Arts.