TOEFL® iBT Writing Workshops – Our Approach

Our writing classes provide practice and skill-building in both TOEFL Task 1 (Integrated) and Task 2 (Independent) Writing.

Task 1 Writing
Students learn how to combine information that they read in a passage with information they hear in a lecture, and to compare and contrast the points of view expressed by the author of the reading passage with the ones expressed by the lecturer. They develop and practice the skills of paraphrasing, summarizing and organizing information. They also learn vocabulary and grammar structures that enable them to make comparisons.

Task 2 Writing
Students learn how to write an essay that expresses and supports their opinion on an issue. They are taught to analyze the essay question, brainstorm the topic, organize their ideas and support them with details and examples, use appropriate linking words, and a wide range of grammar and vocabulary. Students become experts at constructing a strong thesis and organizing their essay coherently, employing a meaningful, idiomatic, academic-level vocabulary, and using a variety of sentence structures.

Not only do we provide students with sample essays on TOEFL writing topics, we apply our unique methods in exploring diverse topics. Through classes, students learn general templates which they can then apply to their written work.

Essays are revised one-on-one and in groups, and each student goes on to his or her next essay knowing exactly what he or she must accomplish next in order to improve. Each essay increases the strengths and reduces the weaknesses seen in the previous effort.

Improvement can be seen in a student’s writing in as little as three essays, and often by the tenth essay, major and permanent improvement is obvious.

In Franklin’s TOEFL iBT Writing Workshops, essay correction consists of far more than a few comments scribbled on a page. Our essay revision classes involve in-depth discussion among the writer, the teacher and other students about the choices made in the essay and strategies to avoid making future mistakes, thereby improving the overall quality of the next TOEFL iBT essay.