English Language Training Course Outline

This course is designed to give students a solid foundation in the English language as a means of communication and study, with both a focus on specific skills and an emphasis on the integration of each aspect. Students will improve their ability to read, listen, write and speak in the English language as a basis for TOEFL or IELTS exam preparation.


  • The course consists of 945 instructional hours (25 hours/week over the course of 39 weeks)
  • Students learn through lectures, instructor-led discussions, as well as individual, pair, and group work
  • Students will be provided with all necessary material, including books and software
  • Students will receive written feedback from the course instructor through an evaluation of a weekly coursework portfolio in Weeks 1-12, 14-25, and 27-38
  • Students will take an English Language Training Assessment Test in Weeks 13, 26, and 39. Students who earn a minimum score of 80 on the final test will receive a Certificate of Completion

Students will learn through a variety of activities and exercises that will expand their vocabulary, broaden their understanding of grammar rules and structures, enhance their listening and reading comprehension skills, improve their speaking and writing skills, and overall enable them to communicate effectively in real-life contexts. The focus is both on accuracy and fluency. Students will be first presented the new grammar form in a meaningful context. Then, they will be given the opportunity to practice the new grammar form through grammar practice exercises. Finally, they will be able to produce the new grammar form and use it in a real-life context.







Reading & Vocabulary

 “People” : Lessons 1-5

Speaking & Writing

 “Describing People” :  Lessons 1-5


 “Nouns” : Lessons 1-2, exercises 1-13

Word Formation

 Prefixes Lesson 1; Suffixes Lesson 1


Reading & Vocabulary

 “Stages of Life” : Lessons 1-5

Speaking & Writing

 “Describing People” : Lessons 6-10


 “Nouns” : Lessons 3-5, exercises 14-25

Word Formation

 Prefixes Lesson 2; Suffixes Lesson 2



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