Enjoy the Canadian Family Experience

Franklin English Language College helps you experience Canadian customs and culture through our homestay program. We will place you in a safe and comfortable local home, close to our college where you will enjoy home-cooked meals and a great family atmosphere.

The homestay experience gives you a unique chance to experience Canadian culture, improve your English through daily conversations, and take part in fun family activities.

Our homestay families are carefully screened and each home is inspected to make sure that every student has a rewarding, comfortable, and safe environment. Homestay families provide our students with three meals a day and a private bedroom, as well as shared laundry and bathroom facilities. As a more affordable alternative, you may also choose to prepare your own meals.

Students receive:

   Private furnished bedrooms with shared laundry and bath facilities.
   Three meals a day including a school lunch.
   Convenient location close to a bus route.
   Travel time to Franklin English Language College maximum 30 minutes.
   Maximum of two students per family.