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To apply for the Homestay Program, please fill out the Homestay Application.

Your application can be submitted online, in person, by mail, or fax.

Homestay Policies

The application fee is NON REFUNDABLE.

Students must give NOTICE in order to move out of their homestay.

VERBAL OR WRITTEN NOTICE must be given to the host family to avoid a penalty in Homestay fees. Students can give notice at any time throughout the month. If two weeks notice is not given, students must pay a penalty equivalent to two weeks notice. For example: Students can give 10 days notice and pay a penalty of 4 days, at the daily rate of $30.00 per day.

Students who repeatedly ignore homestay rules will be removed from the Homestay Program without a refund. No other homestay will be found for them.


GUARDIANSHIP can be provided if the student is registered in the Homestay Program. (Homestay fees must be paid in full).

Homestay Rules for Students with Guardianship

Students are required to stay with the host family, and permission must be granted by the host family for weekend sleepovers at another residence.

Students must inform the homestay where they are going when they leave the homestay and provide a contact telephone number.

In case of an emergency, the homestay is to call 911.



The homestay fee is $40 per person per day. Prior arrangements must be made with the Homestay Coordinator and/or the homestay family.



The rate for a student who is away is half of the daily fee.

The host family will hold the room for the student’s return.

In the event that the host family is away, the host family shall give the student a refund to pay another family or arrange for another person to care for them in their home

Male and female students will not be placed in the same homestay.

Exceptions to this rule may be granted upon receipt of written permission from a relative or guardian.


AIRPORT PICK-UP is $80.00.