Why Vancouver?

Vancouver is a city located on the west coast of Canada, and the third largest city in Canada. Unlike other Canadian cities, Vancouver enjoys a pleasantly mild climate, with a winter that hardly snows and a cool summer whose temperature rarely exceeds 30℃.  It has constanly been ranked Living in Vancouver comes with many benefits.among the most livable cities in the world, for its social stability, religious tolerance, and overall quality of education.

Living in Vancouver comes with many benefits. If you love nature, then Stanley Park is your go-to place. There are 200 bird species and a variety of firs and cedars. It is an urban oasis that you do not want to miss! 

If you are a ski enthusiast, then Vancouver is definitely the palce for you. Whister Blackcomb, a world-renowned ski resort where the 2010 Winter Olympics was held, is only one-hour drive away. Whister Blackcomb

For sports fans, you will find it so easy to fit in. The Vancouver Canucks and Vancouver Whitecaps FC, are the pride of every Vancouverite and will occupy the screen of every television when there is a game. 

Another attraction of Vancouver is its cafe. On every corner of every street, you will find a tastefully decorated cafe, whether it’s a Starbucks or a Blenz. There, you will find bookworms, businessmen, and students. Vancouverites love chatting with their friends over a cup of coffee after work or school. It’s the Vancouver way of life.

Vancouver has so much more to offer. Don’t wait another second to explore this amazing city.