Admission Requirements

In order to ensure that students have the required language competencies to achieve program outcomes, an assessment test will be administered prior to admission.

A student who wishes to enrol in the IELTS Test Preparation program will take an assessment test in the form of a released IELTS test administered by FELC, referred to as a Test Preparation Assessment Test (TPAT).

  • A student who achieves a minimum score of 4.5 on a TPAT will be enrolled in the Test Preparation (IELTS) program.

In the case that a student does not meet the minimum assessment test score required for enrolment in the IELTS Test Preparation program, the student will be directed to take an English Language Training Assessment test and be subject to the same enrolment conditions as students being admitted to an English Language Training program or an English Language Training and Test Preparation program.