What is unique about FELC?

schoolOur students are the best and brightest

A student at FELC will be surrounded by top students. Our students not only enter the most prestigious universities in Canada and the US, but also enroll in Vancouver’s finest private schools, such as St. George’s. FELC is a gathering place for bright and motivated intellects, where promising young minds walk side by side along the path of learning and accomplishment. 

Our students are individuals

While students gather at various times of the day to take classes together, each student is first and foremost an individual. We address the specific needs of each student in order to focus our energies on strengthening his or her weaknesses. The needs of students new to English are very different from those of students who have been using English for years. We cater to every level of language acquisition because we cater to each student as an individual.

Our students receive full support in their education journeys

Registering at FELC means receiving a complete package of paperwork assistance, language and academic class instruction, individual tutoring and access to some of the best available teaching materials and software.