ETS has certified FELC as an official TOEFL iBT testing centre

TOEFLT iBT test centerWe are proud to announce that FELC has been approved by ETS to become a certified TOEFL iBT test center.

Franklin English Language College
Test Site No: STN 10716A
Test Site Seats: 30

For the first time on April 8th of 2006, students were able to take the TOEFL iBT at our Vancouver campus. Since them we have been administering the test on a weekly basis.

So what does this mean for a FELC TOEFL student?

After all your hard work, you can take the test in a comfortable, familar environment.

You can be sure of receiving outstanding tech support from us so that the test experience is trouble-free.

We will guide you through the process from beginning to end. You are never alone!


Be sure to check if your IDs, preferably your passport, with you when you leave home for the test. International students can use passport only,
Eating or drinking is not allowed in the test room, but you can eat some food during the 10 minute break. The test is about four hours, and you need a lot of energy